Weekly Link Round Up: The Future of Travel

This week we’re focusing on the future — both the near future, and the Jetson’s-style far future. From tech advances to trending destinations, these articles give insight into how we will travel and why those changes or technological advances are coming. There are links in here that explain how to become a digital nomad, how to fly an unlimited amount for $599, and why eco-conscious travel matters. Sorry, nothing about teleportation to your destination just yet.

Facial recognition software is becoming more and more widely used at airports to verify your identity, and people have FEELINGS about this.

Digital nomad Visas allow fully remote workers or entrepreneurs to stay and work in Spain (and a growing number of other countries) for at least a year with a number of tax benefits.

How not to contribute to climate change as a traveler.

New technology is helping visitors see ancient cities in completely new ways.

On a related note, scientists believe that most, if not all, of the world’s remaining glaciers will be gone by 2050.

Jetblue will be expanding their European service and begin offering direct flights to Paris starting in summer 2023 from several US airports.

2023 will bring unexpected travel trends with it, according to research by Expedia.

Frontier Airlines to introduce Go Wild! unlimited flight pass for $599. The fine print explains it’s for US domestic flights only, and you still have to pay for your seat and bags, etc.

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