Link Round Up: To 2023 and Beyond!

This week’s links look forward to traveling in 2023, with a list of some of the hottest travel destinations, an article breaking down the Real ID deadline, an article defining Revenge Travel, and much much more.

Top 2023 travel destinations, according to National Geographic.

Conversely, here is Fodor’s No List for 2023 of places you should reconsider traveling to for various reasons.

Looking to buy a vacation lake house? Travel and Leisure says this is the best place to do so in 2023.

What is “Revenge Travel,” and are you planning any? I sure am.

If you haven’t gotten your Real ID yet, now’s the time if you are planning on air travel in 2023. This NY Times article breaks down what you need to do, why you have to do it, and when it needs to be done by.

Celebrity Chef biking trips around Italy have just been introduced for next year.

If you’re a rideshare user in an area with an Alaska Airlines hub, you could earn flight miles by using Lyft.

If you’re wanting to book a First Class seat on a flight, this is what you can (and cannot) expect.

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