Weekly Link Round Up: Literary Tourism

One of my favorite blogs, Modern Mrs. Darcy, posts a weekly round up of links and articles from the previous week that she found interesting. As imitation is the highest form of flattery, I have decided to do a weekly round up as well, but with a little bit of a twist. Each week, there is going to be a theme to the links or articles I include in the post. Since I was inspired by MMD, this week’s theme is Literary Tourism. All the links will have some crossover between reading and travel, two of my great loves. Feel free to drop any literary tourism links you love in the comments.

Lovely Literary Links

I’ll start with a link from MMD that features Novels that will Take You Around the World.

This comprehensive guide to the World’s Most Wondrous Independent Bookstores is making my add destinations to my travel list solely to go get lost in these shops.

Bon Appetit released their list of the 27 Best Cookbooks of 2022, and I am a firm believer that if you can’t physically travel somewhere, you should travel via food.

This one is slightly attenuated from literary tourism in that it’s a map of all the bars and restaurant’s Anthony Bourdain traveled to on his various television shows, but you can also read about Tony’s travels to some of these places in his various books, so…

I saw one of Book Barn Galore’s book sleeves featured on a Tiktok this week, and it’s a brilliant idea for keeping your books (paperbacks especially) safe from travel damage.

I’ve also recently been obsessed with these Assouline travel coffee table books. Once again on Tiktok, someone used one of these as a guestbook for their wedding, and I am slowly but surely in the process of convincing my fiancé that we should do the same

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