My Travel Gear Wish List

As some of you may or may not know, a very important holiday is approaching: my birthday. In celebration of that momentous occasion (no, I will not admit how old I’ll be), I decided to come up with my ultimate travel wish list that all you other Libra babies could use as inspiration! I’ve included some practical ideas as well as some more luxurious items, and it should be noted that these are in no particular order. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy perusing!

Osprey Hiking Pack with Water Bladder $95

Image Courtesy of Amazon

When we went to Jackson Hole, most of my compatriots were equipped with Osprey day packs with water bladders. I was jealous of the convenience of being able to take handsfree sips of water as we hiked around the Tetons. So naturally, I must now have one.

Priority Pass for Airport Lounges $99

It was while sitting at a food court table for 6 hours during a layover in Beijing that I decided I needed access to airport lounges. However, you typically need to A) have a first class ticket, or B) have a high roller credit card that allows you access to the swanky spaces. The priority pass requires neither — you just have to sign up for a membership and you get a card that allows access to any of their lounges across the world. There are a couple different membership option, but Standard Pass at $99 is perfectly sufficient for the occasional traveler.

Trtl Pillow $44.99

Image Courtesy of Amazon

It is my curse to not be able to sleep on planes without significant pharmacological intervention. One day, I hope to overcome this particular challenge, and I think a good travel pillow may help. I have tried so many travel pillows — I’ve tried memory foam, the kind filled with little tiny beads, and some of undetermined filling. The Trtl Pillow has rave reviews because it actually supports your head, unlike the majority of horseshoe-shaped pillows.

Global Entry Membership $100 for a 5 year membership

When my fiancé and I returned from the Dominican Republic, we couldn’t believe how quickly we got off the flight. We were pumped for an easy, breezy customs experience and, to no one’s shock, what we really faced were wall to wall snaking lines of groggy travelers, and only about 4 customs agents to process us all. Had we been prepared with Global Entry Memberships, we could have skipped those lines entirely in favor of one of the empty kiosks lining the walls. Global Entry membership would be an underrated yet spectacular gift for the international traveler in your life. Just as a note, the traveler would have to apply on their own, but I would be immensely grateful for someone footing the bill!

Patagonia Nano-Puff Jacket $229

Photo Courtesy of Patagonia

This jacket is super warm, waterproof, and packable, which makes it the ideal jacket for travel to colder climates. It has the capacity to keep the wearer nice and toasty, but won’t take up a ton of room in your bag. This would be a great jacket to include on trips where you may be experience a couple different climates and don’t have space to bring a bunch of bulky, cold weather gear. I’m anticipating a couple chilly trips coming up in 2023 and this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Sapphire Portable Hotspot $149

Free wi-fi is getting more common and widespread abroad, but it’s often unreliable and not secure. A portable hotspot would allow me to have internet access whenever and wherever I need it. It would have been very helpful during our road trip around Ireland when one car got lost in the Irish wilderness for hours because our Airbnb had no actual street address.

Cashmere Travel Wrap $99.90

Image Courtesy of Quince

I mean what is there to say, really, about a classic cashmere wrap? This wrap is both functional and fashionable. It’s warm, it’s soft, and it could double as an airplane blanket. It would also look great paired with the Patagonia Nano-Puff jacket.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag $185

Image Courtesy of Dagne Dover

Y’all already know that I love Beis and I love backpack, but there’s another game in town that I’m equally as obsessed with. Dagne Dover has an incredible selection of neoprene travel accessories, and the Landon Carryall Bag is the one I’ve been coveting. The medium size is a perfect overnight bag. It has a luggage handle sleeve, a laptop compartment, and is made of water-resistant and machine washable material. It comes in 5 different sizes and 6 color options, so there’s something to fit everyone’s needs. Check out their other products while you’re at it!

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